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Why choose Horizontal Directional Drilling?

Advantages of Horizontal Directional Drilling over “Open Cut Methods”

Environmentally Friendly

  • Less Surface area disturbed
  • Reduced carbon footprint generated due to the non removal and replacement of surface
  • Reduced air, noise and visual pollution


  • Reduced exposed worksite lessens the danger to workers and the community
  • Reduced chances of interfering with existing services

Cost and time efficiencies

  • Minimal disruption to surface activities and structures
  • Reduced adverse impacts on community, business and commuters
  • No trenches means
    - minimised reinstatement
    - less expense, no shoring
    - less visual pollution
    - fewer vehicles/ equipment and workers onsite
    - safer
  • Less delays due to adverse weather conditions
  • Reduced construction time

Increased Opportunities

  • Ability to traverse rivers, roads and rail lines
  • Ability to access under foundations and buildings
  • Suitable for sensitive and historical areas