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Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment


Civil Construction Equipment

All equipment owned and operated by Brisbane Directional Boring is maintained in a safe and tidy manner.
Grundodrill 18ACS

All condition system for drills in alternating and geologically difficult soils and hard rock

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Various excavators 3.5t - 12t

1 x Caterpillar 12t                                  
2 x Caterpillar 5t 
2 x Caterpillar 3.5t
2 x Yanmar 3.5t                                                                      

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Vermeer Directional Drill

Vermeer Directional Drill 36-50 and mud mixing system

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Skid steer loaders

Caterpillar 287D
Caterpillar 277C

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Kemtron Mud Recycler Tango 350S

Uses solids separation technology allowing us to de-silt, de-sand and clean our bore mud onsite during drilling operations. This process lessens the environmental impact by way of lowering the quantity of drilling additives and water used therefore reducing waste. 

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Ditch Witch trencher RT70

Zero offset capability, trench width to 600mm depth to 1300mm

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Grundomat 40mm and 80mm

Ideal for small conduit installations under footpaths, driveways and narrow roads.

Ditch Witch Pedestrian Trencher 1230

Compact shape allows access to restricted areas

Digitrak and Subsite  tracking and locating equipment

Assists in identifying the location of existing buried cables, steel and PVC pipe with tracer wire. Allows for walkover tracking of beacon with a remote guidance system.

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Water tankers

Aids in on site dust control and remediation works

Vacuum truck

Assists in de-watering of pits, vacuuming of drilling fluids providing added environmental protection to existing work practices.

Assorted Trucks/ tippers and service vehicles

A range of trucks, tippers, service and smaller vehicles to support civil activities

Assorted pipe trailers

Providing options for combo or specific pipe specifications

Tescorp 35kn Bull cable winch

Offers large copper cable hauling capabilities

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GPS Survey equipment

Allows for GPS coordinates of existing services to be entered into Bore Planner for a more refined execution of the bore. Ability to provide Client with actual GPS coordinates of conduit installation path. 

Optic fibre winches

Allows for the hauling of optic fibre within tension rating specifications

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Bore Planning Software

Provides a graphic visualisation of the project, invaluable for pre planning and is interactive with GPS Survey Equipment adding another dimension in its ability to include actual existing underground plant.

Assorted cable jinkers

Options for the best cable drum handling giving the project requirements

PE Butt and Electrofusion welders

Provides the ability to be more economical on bore pipe and bore versus coil distancing issues, hence a greener option.

Cable drum truck

Easily allows the onsite handling of large copper cable drums

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Elevated Work Platform

Enables safe and easy access to allow works at height


Assists in the blowing of conduits for hauling purposes,  removal of blockages and the operation of pneumatic tools

Assorted small plant

Wacker packers, concrete saws, generators, jack hammers, turf cutter etc

Traffic Control Vehicles

Fully equipped traffic control vehicles operated by trained staff to ensure a safe work site for our staff, pedestrians and all road users