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Mt Crosby Water Treatment Plant


The Mt Crosby East Bank and West Bank water treatment plants (Seqwater infrastructure) are the primary source of drinking water for the greater Brisbane and Ipswich areas, and as such the containment of drilling fluids and silt during excavations was critical to maintain water quality.

Works involved both directional drilling and trenching of a 3 way multiple conduit run over several kilometres for the provision of electricity and communications to the East Bank treatment plant. This project provided many challenges:

  • Steep terrain;
  • Extremely tight set up areas due to water tanks and tunnel infrastructure;
  • Site restrictions versus machine capablities;
  • Environmentally sensitive area;
  • Limited vehicular access;
  • Drilling beneath heritage listed pump station building; and
  • Variable ground conditions from sand to hard rock.

NBN Infrastructure BRIBIE ISLAND

BDB has recently participated in the NBN trial for installing and commissioning "Fibre to the Node" technology throughout Bribie Island, Queensland. Fibre to the Node is a way of providing very fast broadband by running fibre to a neighbourhood node/pillar and from there using existing copper network to connect to premises.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Moreton Bay Rail Link (MBRL) - Petrie to Kippa Ring

The Moreton Bay Region is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia and currently everyday travel relies heavily on cars and as such the MBRL, will significantly provide a more reliable, economical and faster alternative to private transport. This upgrade will not only improve traffic travelling times and congestion, but improved safety and reliability as well as reduced vehicle operating costs and carbon emissions.

BDB's contribution includes:

  • Multiple conduit runs;
  • Pit and manhole installations;
  • Hauling of copper cables and optic fibres;
  • Copper jointing and optic splicing;
  • Directional drills in continually changing ground conditions including:
    • a 600mm diameter hole to accomodate 7 x 140mm conduits for over 150 metres;
    • a 450mm diameter hole to accomodate 4 x 100mm conduits for over 200 metres; and                                     -
  • All whilst maintaining commuter traffic flow.

Gold Coast Rapid Transit Project

This project has been undertaken in stages by several Principal Contractors, BDB was involved in the Southport to Broadbeach section, i.e. all Telstra network entering and leaving the Surfers Paradise Exchange. This public transport project aims to reduce congestion and improve public transport services at the Gold Coast. BDB has been involved with sections through the tourist centre including Cavill Av Surfers Paradise in relocating multiple conduit runs of up to 38 conduits and custom manhole builds. Copper cable hauling and jointing is now complete.

This project provided many challenges, including:          

  • High pedestrian and tourist zone;
  • Multiple Contractors in same space relocating multiple utility assets at the same time;
  • Depth requirement for new alignment; and
  • The difficulties related to drilling and trenching in sand.